Spindle Liner
Vibration - Dampening for C.N.C. Lathes

Clamping Collets with Thrust Force
Clamping force greater than traditional collets

Fast Changing Collets for Multi Spindle Lathes
The power of ideas

Feed Fingers
For Multi Spindle Lathes

'Italian Style'
Thrust Force Collet Chuck

Super Grip Clamping Collets
High Friction Coefficient

Bar Loader Collets
Greatly Vibration-Reduced

Centering Bushes
Design and Customisation

Innovative Solutions for Clamping Systems

About Unilock

Always looking to bring unique solutions to the UK manufacturing market, Pro-active Technical Solutions Ltd is delighted to introduce Unilock s.a.s and their innovative range of products for CNC lathe and multi-spindle machine tools.

For over 50 years Unilock has designed and manufactured innovative solutions for machine tool clamping systems. In a market that is continually evolving, Unilock are focused on providing the answers that bring real benefits to everyday machining processes.

Unilock design only to improve and optimise what YOU do, a range of C.N.C. machine tool products that ensure greater speed, precision and simplicity making our customers more productive and profitable.

Pro-active Technical Solutions Ltd is the UK distributor for Unilock.

Special Applications

Working in partnership with customers, Unilock provide many solutions for special applications. Great emphasis is placed on a close technical relationship with the end user and the Unilock technical team. From initial design to manufacture, Unilock strive only to improve your manufacturing process.

Unilock Product Range:

Spindle Liners
Please call for information about the following products:
Collet Chucks
  • Dead Length
  • Thrust Force (Stationary Collet)
  • Pull Back
  • Expanding
CNC Lathe Collets
  • Stationary (Dead Length) Collets for Thrust Force Collet Chuck
  • Single Spindle Collets for CNC Lathes
  • Bar Loader Collets
Multi-Spindle Lathes
  • Multi Spindle Collets
  • Multi Spindle Quick Change Collet System
  • Feed Finger Collets
Bar Feeder/Loader
  • Bar Pusher Collets
  • Guide Bar Bushes
  • Guide Bar Channels

Satisfied customers include GE, Eaton Corporation, Boeing, John Deere, Rolls-Royce, Parker Hannifin, Lockheed, Raytheon, General Motors, Goodyear