Titespot® Live Lathe Tools


The Titespot® driven tool has been designed for I.D machining applications. Conventional driven tools rarely allow radial access to small bore machining operations. Titespot® I.D tooling again offers a solution to this problem. The smallest bore that can be machined is 16mm (5/8"). Now you can successfully eliminate secondary machining operations such as internal milling, drilling, slotting and grooving saving you valuable production and cycle times.

Every Titespot® I.D driven tool module as standard is fitted with precision angular contact bearings, hardened and ground shafts incorporating an anti-backlash design. Each and every tool is cooled and lubricated by the machines filtered coolant allowing continuous duty cycle. Every head is also interchangeable with all drive units.

Depending on your machine turret, a radial or axially mounted version maybe required. Both versions are standard options allowing internal right angled cutting operations.

Features & Benefits

Titespot® Live Lathe Tools:

  • Reduce manufacturing time
    Eliminate secondary operations by milling, slotting and grooving in process.
  • Compact
    Can machine in bores down to 16mm (5/8") in diameter, and close to walls, floors and obstructions.
  • Modular
    All angle head sizes are easily interchangeable with all shank styles.
  • Installation
    Designed to fit all popular CNC lathes equipped with live tooling.
  • Efficient
    Coolant flow through the head eliminates heat build-up and allows 100% duty cycle.
Live Lathe Tools

O.D. Mounted

Live Lathe Tools

Face Mounted

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Satisfied customers include GE, Eaton Corporation, Boeing, John Deere, Rolls-Royce, Parker Hannifin, Lockheed, Raytheon, General Motors, Goodyear