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Pro-active Technical Solutions Ltd


Spindle Liners

Made from engineered Polyurethane

One piece quick change liners, any size, any shape, any machine.

Pro-active Technical Solutions Ltd are delighted to be working with another great innovator of CNC lathe accesories bringing our customers across the UK more opportunities to save time and money.

To call the polyurethane spindle liner revolutionary might sound exaggerated to those who are unfamiliar with bar turning technology, however, Trusty-Cook’s patented CNC lathe accessory allows machinists to manufacture parts from extruded profiles and specific shapes to the same exacting tolerances as parts machined from standard round stock.

Since 2003, Trusty-Cook have held the U.S. patent for inventing the first tubular, one-piece, unibody spindle liner with an outside and inside diameter that may be sized to fit virtually any spindle of a turning machine. Every spindle liner is manufactured in their plant and is designed to solve application issues, extend the life of tooling and machine spindles and plain and simply put, allow your machine to produce better component parts.

The liners are manufactured from an engineered polyurethane. The technology behind the manufacturing allows for not only holding round, square and hexagonal stock but also extruded shapes can be held securely within any machine drawtube.

Trusted by the industry's best

Reduce cycle times

Precision turning at increased speeds reducing cycle times considerably


Lightweight for quick & easy changeover maximising productivity

Preserve your machine

Helps extend life of machines drawtube, rotary cylinder and spindle bearings cutting expensive machine repair and replacement part costs

Get the most out of your tools

Helps maximise tool/insert cutting edge life reducing consumable tooling costs

Better surface finish

Assists in maintaining and achieving better component surface finish reducing scrap parts

Better tolerances

Helps maintain and achieve better machined tolerances reducing scrap parts


Protects against surface damage to stock bar

Noise cancelling

Greatly reduces vibration and sound for a quieter working environment


We have an extensive database of machine drawtubes, a sample of these manufacturers are shown below.

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