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Right Angle Heads

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Titespot® angle heads are a proven solution to the age old problem of right angle machining in confined areas. They utilise your high pressure coolant system to drive an integral positive displacement ball piston motor. The motor powers a drive shaft in turn driving the heads spindle. Exhausted coolant is directed at and through the cutting tool.

Because the Titespot® angle head has its own power source (the coolant), your machine's spindle is free to function as an indexer, allowing multi-position machining with one head and set-up. It's virtually like adding an axis of motion to your machine tool. On machines equipped with a 'C' axis the angle head can be orientated for multi-position machining. On machines without a 'C' axis but with a servo and encoder (as is used in rigid tapping) it is almost always possible to re-orient the spindle to the desired angle(s) by altering the parameters for the M19 tool changer position.

Unlike mechanically driven heads, Titespot® angle heads do not need a stop-block and do not depend on large bearings for housing support. Our angle head clamps rigidly into the spindle, allowing for more compact design with minimum deflection. In fact, Titespot® angle heads can machine in bores as small as 16.0mm (5/8") in diameter and have been manufactured in lengths up to 610 millimeters.

The best way to learn about what our Eltool right angle head can do for your application is to watch the interview with MTDCNC here.

angle head size comparison

A New Technology Solution


Can machine at multiple radial positions with one head

and one set-up.


Can machine in bores down to 16.0 mm (5/8")

in diameter, and close to walls, floors and obstructions.


Does not depend on bearings for housing support.

Bearing 'play' is eliminated, accuracy improved.

Simple to install

Load directly from the tool changer. No cumbersome stop blocks or spindle nose modifications required.


Coolant flow through the head eliminates heat build-up and allows 100% duty cycle.


All angle head sizes are easily interchangeable with all shank styles.



  • Milling heads are recommended for heavier duty milling applications. They incorporate two preloaded angular contact bearings on the front for improved performance and durabilty in side load applications. Drilling heads are more compact.

  • 'Taperlock' and 'Eltool' Spindles are proprietary spindles designed to minimise the profile of the angle heads.

  • Please specify the size of Weldon spindle when ordering.

Minimum Requirements

The success of any Titespot® coolant driven tool depends on the combination of correct product selection for application and machine tool coolant pump specification.

There are three main factors that we are looking to achieve:

Speed (RPM)

The rpm developed by the angle head is a function of coolant flow rate (litres per minute). The Titespot® angle head will rotate at approximately 238 rpm per litre of flow.

Torque (Nm)

The torque developed by the angle head is a function of coolant pressure (Bar/PSI). Under test conditions the positive displacement ball piston motor develops .03 Nm of torque per bar of coolant pressure.

Machining power (Kw) & metal removal rate (cm3)

This is a direct correlation of flow rate and pressure. As a guide, in steel the metal removal rate is 22cm3 of material per minute per kilowatt of power generated.

For more information or to discuss your applications, please phone us on 01795 716449 or use our contact form

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