EZ Puller Bar Puller

self adjusting bar puller


Necessity is the mother of invention which perfectly describes the realisation of the EZ-Puller product range. Due to the frustrations and loss of productivity caused by the design and setup of bar pullers available at that time, as described by the EZ-Puller founder Dan Kenner.

'We needed a bar puller that could be setup for any bar diameter within the range of our machines in seconds! The tool needed to be reliable with consistant repeatability and rugged enough to withstand 100's of thousands if not millions of pulls'.

The EZ-Puller is the only self adjusting bar puller. No mechanical adjustment is required only 'X' axis endpoints are altered in the program when bar diameters are changed. Bar pull round, hexagon and square stock all with the same tool!

Features & Benefits

  • Self Adjusting
    No mechanical adjustment required ensures greater productivity. Time spent to adjust tool 0.000 seconds.
  • Consistent Repeatability
    Less wasted material due to accurate consistent bar pulled lengths in all forms of stock bar and precision ground stock.
  • 100% Maintenance Free
    No gripping fingers to adjust lose or damage keeping replacement part costs down and your machine running.
  • Mechanically Operated
    No critical coolant checks required to ensure performance. EZ Puller works first time and consistently.
  • Low Mar Design
    Innovative gripper design ensures miniumum material penetration with maximum grip. Optional soft spring installation for delicate materials like PTFE ensures no damage to stock bar.
  • Warranty
    2 year warranty for peace of mind.

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EZ Puller Bar Puller

Satisfied customers include GE, Eaton Corporation, Boeing, John Deere, Rolls-Royce, Parker Hannifin, Lockheed, Raytheon, General Motors, Goodyear